To Get Customers …

Learn Why They Don’t Buy From You and How To Change It

Hello. My name is Howard Howell – That Sales Guy, and Internet Sales Consultant.

I am passionate about helping people understand and use the Internet effectively to increase their sales and get more customers.

I would like like to share some of my sales and marketing methods that can help YOU get customers for your business or professional service.

YOU are cordially invited to spend 30 minutes with me in a small (limited to 15 attendees) Live Webinar where I will share with you my top methods of getting new and additional customers along with retaining existing customers.

I have been an Entrepreneurial Junkie for over 4 decades and can share wisdom that I have gained during my lifetime of “trial and error”. Avoid costly mistakes and learn from one who has traveled the path before you.

You would normally have to pay for my wisdom and advice as a client or student, although I am currently offering this opportunity to watch, listen, and learn while asking the questions representing the largest challenges you face in growing your business.

I use the “Go To Meeting” platform to host this Webinar so that you can call in via phone while seeing the webcast on your computer. You can also participate via VOIP using your computer microphone and speakers.

This meeting is limited to the first 15 attendees that log on between 9:00AM and 9:15AM Pacific Time on Monday. The meeting will last until 9:45AM and make allowance for your questions about topics relating to:

  • New Media Reality Marketing Challenges
  • Sales and Marketing Tips and Advice
  • Business Success Principles covering the 3 Keys To Biz Sucess

You can pre-post questions on the Facebook page of That Sales Guy or text chat during the conference. Or, you can ask questions during the Webinar, by calling in via phone or using the mic on your computer.

You’ve heard that there is no such thing as a free lunch…

Well, let me explain why this Webinar is Free of Charge.

  • I believe in the “pay it forward” principle
  • It’s a great way to meet people with mutual interests
  • I can receive feedback about what people are concerned about in Sales and Marketing
  • I get to practice new presentations with an audience
  • YOU get a sample of my teaching style and just might hire me someday !

FREE is Good – So why not take advantage of it ?

I usually host this Webinar every Monday except holidays. It is limited to the first 15 attendees to log-on. If you don’t get in on the Webinar, you can also subscribe to the RSS of my Blog for continuing Sensible Selling Tips. Naturally, I will accept new clients for regular consulting. Just give me a call at 206-909-9994.

To register, you will need to complete the form below and submit it PRIOR to receiving log-in instructions and any announcements of this or other Webinar offerings. I promise not to spam you and you can always remove yourself from my list with a single click on any message I send you.